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Hilton Head Island, SC, USA - Dot Real Estate LLC announces the appointment of four new members of its Board of Trustees. CEO and Founder Rich Neste will serve as Chairman of the Board.

Joining Neste on the Board of Trustees are Sally Gardocki, Saul Klein, John Reilly and Mike Rowen. "Each Board member brings talent, expertise and passion to making the real estate transaction GREAT. We are fortunate to have them work by our side as we continue to strive for excellence in the real estate industry", Rich Neste, Founder and CEO.

Sally Gardocki received her Bachelor of Arts in English from Clemson University in 1987 and her Juris Doctorate from St. Louis School of Law in 1990. She has been licensed to practice law in South Carolina since 1990, is a

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Pete Flint was the founder of Trulia, a real estate company that was purchased by Zillow for $3.5 Billion in 2014.  Pete is a firm believer in Search Engine Optimization and organic growth over time.  As a founder and CEO for Dot Real Estate, I am constantly reading about other businesses who have found long term success with short term goals.  Trulia had success because it had good leadership, good direction and great website traffic.

Below is an excerpt from Pete Flint:

Compounded Growth Rate

"You see here the difference between a 10% growth rate and a 20% growth rate is the difference between ~3X growth and ~9X growth over the span of a year. That’s substantial. Investors looking to see if you have traction are looking for that hockey stick curve. A more linear

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A successful business typically has a competitive advantage over their competitors. These companies differentiate their brands from other similar business models with multiple paths to sustain changes in the marketplace while continuing to generate growth and innovation. While technology companies continue to research and develop new applications to service their clients, the real estate industry has recently seen a number of interesting concepts that may change the future of the real estate.

Search engine platforms like Google and Bing use keyword metrics when ranking websites in their search results. If your website domain name matches the keywords visitors use to find products and services when doing an online search, it is my belief that those

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